EpiPix Ltd is a spinout company from The University of Sheffield that is focusing on developing and commercialising game-changing microLED technology for various photonics applications, including displays and AR/VR.

The company is collaborating with global corporations on next generation microLED product developments which are underpinned by more than 5 years of research by Professor Tao Wang and his team at the Centre for GaN Materials and Devices.

EpiPix has demonstrated pre-production multi-colour microLED arrays on single wafers with high light efficiency and uniformity for red, green and blue wavelengths. MicroLED pixel size ranges from 30 microns down to 10 microns and with less than 5 microns diameter prototypes demonstrated successfully. 

EpiPix Ltd operates as a commercially-driven Technology Centre with worldwide exclusive commercial rights to all the microLED IP that has been licensed by the company from The University of Sheffield

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