MicroLEDs with selective epitaxial growth

Using EpiPix technology, the µLEDs are grown into prepared holes that are separated by SiO². There is no more cutting into the active area and hence no damage which would reduce efficiency.

The µLED size is at the moment 3,6µm, but it is believed a reduction to 2µm is possible with good efficiencies.

The Technology – the “Holy Grail” of photonics: RGB Chips

SiO2 or SIN Mask Patterning

After growing an epitaxial GaN buffer layer a patterned mask is added. The circular openings are different in size, which determines the radiation wavelength.

Micro-LED Arrays Overgrowth

The circular openings are filled with the same GaN MQW structure. However due to strain relaxation the radiated wavelength is different.

Since the light emitting MQW structure is surrounded by a mask, there is no side emission and hence no optical cross talk. The ideal light source for displays.